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Global Judging Program


Lee Gibson & Greg Derrett


E: [email protected]

E: [email protected]

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Want to host a GJP Seminar?

We are always looking for suitable venues and to reach new areas of the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.


If you are interested in hosting a GJP seminar or organising a series of seminars across a country, region or continent, please email to discuss.


To help you see that you have a suitable venue and facilities here is a list of basic requirements for us to bring exciting, educational and successful GJP seminar.


What we require for teaching a GJP seminar (9am – 5pm):


Heated classroom with chairs, tables etc


Overhead projection screen and suitable connections


Basic Refreshments facilities (water, tea & coffee)


What we would also like but is not essential:


Access to a set of full agility equipment close or within a short walk of classroom

Camping area (for students wishing to stay overnight)

Additional teaching area separate to class room for seminars of large numbers


For enquiries or more information please email either Greg or Lee