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Global Judging Program


Lee Gibson & Greg Derrett


E: [email protected]

E: [email protected]

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Approved GJP Judges

Our Approved GJP Judges:


GJP Approved Judge:


•Andre Landry (Canada)

•Barrie James (Wales)

•Becky Dixon (England)

•Becky Leighton (England)

•Jason Bartram (England)

•Jen Lewis (England)

•Judy Wills (England)

•Joanne Tristram (England)

•Martin Tait (England)

•Natalie Webb (England)

•Neil Ellis (England)



To reach full GJP Approval level requires a consistently excellent level of skill and knowledge in a diverse range of modules.


GJP is happy to recommend these judges for any regular or high level prestigious judging appointment and will continue to monitor their progress going forward.


GJP Approved judges will remain Approved for 3 calendar years, before being reassessed.