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Global Judging Program


Lee Gibson & Greg Derrett




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Affiliate GJP Judges

Our Affiliate GJP Judges


Bas Wood (England)

Bridgitte Wyre (England)

Chris O'Leary (England)

Chris Symons (England)

Emma Wiles (England)

Fiona Maidment (England)

Janet Annetts (England)

Jillian Sawyer (England)

Judy Wills (England)

Julian Bartram (England)

Robin Pealing (England)

Teoh Ween Sze (Singapore)


To reach GJP Affiliate level, judges are required to demonstrate a consistently excellent or good level of skill and knowledge in a diverse range of modules.


GJP is happy to recommend these judges for regular judging appointments, where they can continue to enhance and develop their skills as a GJP Affiliate judge.


GJP Affiliate judges will remain Affiliate for 18 months, during which time GJP aims to work with these judges with a goal to continue their development into world class judges.